Introducing: Perfect Alarm


Welcome to the android alarm which is the closest you'll ever get to the real thing on a smartphone!

At Softbork we believe that alarm clocks can be both beautiful and functional and wake you up with designs to match your mood.  

We have revolutionised the way you set the time.  Just one touch and your alarm is set.  It's that simple.  Just like a real clock where you move the clock hand with your finger!  Really!  Try it and say goodbye to the frustration of complicated settings.  

Simplicity is our motto - even computer dummies will get it and you have nine lovely designs to choose from.  Just flick up the screen to make your selection and look forward to be woken up!


  • unique 1-touch alarm time setup! The fastest way to set an alarm.
  • daily surprises! This alarm clock is full of hidden gems.
  • 'Perfect Alarm' displays special days for many different locales
  • lots of beautiful alarm-clock designs to choose from
  • safe alarm-clock controls (no accidental disabling of alarm possible)
  • clear indicator if alarm clock is enabled or disabled
  • gentle fade in of alarm tone (can be up to 5 minutes!)
  • select any ring tone or music as your alarm tone
  • 'Perfect Alarm' displays time until next alarm
  • Displays alarm time in am/pm or 24 hour format
  • alarm clock snooze functionality
  • 'Perfect Alarm' clock recovers from phone reboots
  • 'Perfect Alarm' will do it's best to stay alive, even against task killers
  • Alarm time is displayed in notification under 'Perfect Alarm'
  • new alarm clock designs added continuously 
  • simple to use and yet, extremely powerful!
  • the only alarm-clock to feature "fermat's alarm-clock"!


by softbork - designed with passion!

© softbork 2012